HUMANE Spring Seminar, Digital transformation is getting ready for higher education. University of Aveiro (PT), April 13-14, 2018

Digital transformation is getting ready for higher education; but is higher education ready for digital transformation?

HUMANE Spring Seminar
Hosted by the University of Aveiro
April 13-14, 2018

  • GE Healthcare and Alterys ViosWorks can create a 3-D moving picture of a beating heart while also showing in real time how much blood is pumped with each contraction.
  • Carrefour use electronic beacons in to collect data about customer behaviour and purchasing patterns, using AI to personalise promotions to customers
  • A Georgia Tech professor and his team created a robot teaching assistant, providing online answers to students’ questions for five months without the students noticing. Soon the robot will answer 40% of the students’ questions.

Are we ready for the revolution?

Rapid technological advances in data and analytics, digitalisation, AI and machine learning have been reshaping the landscape, enabling transformational innovations in many industry sectors, not least education.

Machines today can match or outperform human performance in a range of work activities, including ones that require cognitive capabilities, learning, making tacit judgments and sensing emotion.

Yet their advent raises questions for institutional leaders:

  • How should we best prepare for and harness these technologies?
  • What are the skills and institutional transformation that will be required to harvest the benefits?
  • How will institutional leaders as well as staff adapt to the impact on their jobs, capacity-building and the nature of university work itself.

We’re bringing together a cast of senior, experienced speakers to challenge our thinking about these big issues in an interactive seminar programme that will be informative, engaging and thought-provoking, which is available here.

This seminar will appeal to Heads of Administration, CIOs, Directors of Planning, Directors of Student Services and HR, and FDs. Register here to secure you place, as this promises to be a very popular seminar in a stunning location!

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HUMANE Professional Pathways Programme for Senior Finance Professionals, Utrecht University, March 12-13

Senior Finance Professionals

Re-framing financial leadership in a more complex and turbulent world

Hosted by Utrecht University, March 12-13, 2018

As the world has become increasingly complex and turbulent over recent decades, European higher education has, compared with many other sectors, fared remarkably well.

But as the combined mega trends of Europe’s demographic crisis, the shift eastwards of political and economic power, and the advent of artificial intelligence gather momentum, is this apparent stability sustainable?

Can higher education keep dodging the bullets and retain relatively predictable funding compared with others, based on a business model that has remained largely unchanged for 70 years?

How rapid and disruptive will the resulting changes be? And what are the consequences of these changes for European higher education, for individual institutions and the role of senior finance professionals?

These are just some of the questions which the senior finance professionals pathways programme will address. Click here to view the programme. It is designed to be a highly interactive, professional and personal development experience, led by an impressive array of contributors.

Register here to secure your place. This programme would be ideal for a range of senior finance professional including CFOs and FDs, Chief Accountants, Financial Controllers and senior management and project accountants. As ever, Heads of Administration HUMANE members are also welcome to join the programme.

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