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HUMANE Sustainability Summit - Student engagement with sustainability - Konstanz, May 7-9

07 Maggio 2023

The HUMANE Sustainability Summit

Student engagement with sustainability:
bridging the gap between aspiration and action

Hosted by the University of Konstanz, May 7-9

Detailed programme information now available here


Sharing good practice on institutions' partnership with students to create more sustainable universities

  • What are the core principles institutions have adopted to achieve effective student engagement with sustainability and what are students’ views on these measures to ‘manage’ their engagement?
  • What are the conditions for empowering students to be catalysts for change in achieving Sustainable Development Goals and what are the systems, structures and processes institutions have implemented to empower students?
  • And what are some of the stand-out successful programmes in education, research and campus operations?

These are just some of the questions this year’s Summit will explore in a programme that has been designed to be highly participative, so that you will be engaged in an immersive, interactive and practical professional development experience, as well as widening your international professional networks regarding sustainability strategy, policy and planning.

Click here to view the detailed programme for this event.

Whilst all programme participants will be contributors, individual sessions will be led by an internationally diverse group of staff and students from universities in Germany, Belgium, the United States, the Netherlands, the UK, Finland and Australia, where they will lead discussion on the challenges in achieving systemic action that ‘sticks’ and by sharing examples of good practice.

One of the distinctive features of the annual Summit, is the active role played by students. This year’s programme will be no exception, especially given the overarching theme of the event.

Register here to secure your place on this popular programme which is building an international network of sustainability change makers in our universities.  Places are available on a limited, first come first served basis. A waitlist will be available in case of cancellations.
Click here to access the programme web page where you’ll find all the necessary information about the programme.

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