Autumn Seminar - Trieste

International Partnerships, October 20-21

28 Giugno 2022

Where to from here?
International partnerships in a post-pandemic world

University of Trieste (IT), October 20-21, 2022

International travel restrictions, slowdowns in student mobility and lab-based research collaborations unleashed an extraordinary level of innovation enabled largely by the shift to online education and research.

But how much of this innovation and experimentation with new ways of fostering partnerships will ‘stick’?

And what are institutions’ experience of dealing with the barriers to a more permanent adoption of these new models of international partnership?

How have geopolitical tensions which have occurred in parallel with the pandemic and its aftershocks, influenced our approach to longer term partnerships?


To answer these questions, our Autumn Seminar programme features a diverse array of speakers based in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Switzerland, the UK and the United States representing institutions ranging from very large research universities through to smaller universities focussed on the creative arts.

Our programme features a mixture of big picture and case study sessions. It promises to be relevant to heads of administration, directors of international offices, strategic partnerships, innovation and transformation, strategic planning, as well as those leading operations in large faculties.

A full programme will be published shortly, but for now, save the date.

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