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The HUMANE Sustainability Summit - The race to net zero

Hosted by Ghent University, May 1-3

01 Maggio 2022

Sharing good practice on universities' endeavours to tackle the climate crisis

If the historic 2015 Paris Agreement on Sustainable Development Goals was a turning point, COP 26 in Glasgow awakened the whole of civil society that the climate emergency requires concerted, accelerated action.

Whilst amplifying the unique role of universities as knowledge transfer organisations and engines of innovation when it comes to climate change action, it also challenged them to expedite the implementation of their own net zero strategies.

  • How is an institution's sustainability and social responsibility agenda best led?
  • How are internal and external stakeholders engaged to commit to sustainability goals?
  • How is student opinion and activism harnessed?
  • What are the big barriers that must be overcome to move strategies forward? 
  • How is progress measured, monitored and rewarded?
    These are just some of the questions the programme will address. With speaker contributions from around Europe, you will be engaged in an immersive, interactive and practical learning experience, as well as widening your international professional networks regarding sustainability strategy, policy and planning.

The programme commences on Sunday evening the 1st of May at an informal get-to-know-each-other dinner.  

Visit the Sustainability Summit webpage for further details. The full programme for 2-3 May can be accessed by clicking here.  

Register here to secure a place - this is a popular programme and places are available on a limited, first come first served basis.  A waitlist will be available in case of cancellations

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